Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Welcome Bruce!

We want to welcome our new sales employee Bruce Shuck to Family Marine! 

Bruce has an awesome and inspiring story. 

He grew up on his family farm about 15 minutes outside of Willmar and is living there today. 

Bruce joined the military in 1974 and served in field artillery in Germany until 1976. March 18th 2015 is his 41st anniversary from joining the army!

When he got back from the army he got married and had two daughters. He then worked on his own dairy farm. After milking cows he decided to go back to school and got a degree in Business Administration from Southwest State University.

He then went into many different businesses including selling grain bins, commercial feed, and selling conveyors in Parcel Packages Industry for 9 years.

In February 2000 doctors found a small lump in his neck, which turned out to be non-hodgkin’s lymphoma. Bruce said this was a life-changing event for him that makes him cherish every single day and take nothing for granted. Bruce has been in remission since 2004. He works out and eats healthy to prolong the time of, unfortunately, when the cancer will become active again.

Bruce loves working with and being around people and is very excited to help assist customers with family oriented products like boats and pontoons

We are very excited to have him here at Family Marine!

Welcome Nancy!

Welcome Nancy Larson as our new bookkeeper! Nancy was born and raised in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She has a degree in Accounting from Ridgewater College. She is married to a wonderful farmer named LeRoy. 

When she walked into our store for her interview she had many memories come back from when she was a child. Her first boat was a boat that her dad had made completely by himself with instructions from a magazine. It matched their red and white Dodge car.

They bought a lot near Brookings on the lake and had tons of fun with their neighbors and church groups out boating and skiing. One of her greatest memories of her dad is having him teaching them how to water-ski. She would go watch the ski shows in Wisconsin and they were so inspired by them that they went back to their lake and would try out the tricks that they saw. She would climb up on her dad’s shoulders while skiing and they also got to the point where they could build pyramids. Her family still enjoys going out to the lake today teaching her grandchildren how to ski.

Nancy has been enjoying her time here and can’t wait to learn more about our company and boats. 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pre-Delivery Inspection & Lake Test

Proper Delivery Requires Appropriate Timing

Allow You Dealer Time To Properly Inspect & Test Your Boat

Spring has sprung and of course along with that is the anticipation of your new boat delivery.  If you're in the upper midwest, where the lakes freeze and you're forced to wait for the big thaw, you've waited weeks if not months since you've purchased your boat.  You want it as soon as the water is liquid again.  We understand that and we want you to have your boat as soon as possible too!  Heck it's taking up precious lot space!

Its important as a boat buyer to remember that giving your dealer the time to do a thorough pre-delivery inspection and on the water test is a crucial step in ensuring a summer time of memories and family fun.  At Family Marine we strive to be perfect.  We're not of course; but we do our very best to make sure that when our customers take delivery of their boat that we have checked and rechecked each and every component of your new boat of pontoon for issues.  

Talk with your dealer.  Let them know of your expectations.  If that's us, we'll do our very best to meet them.  Just remember, by allowing for a proper pre-delivery inspection and on the water test you're going to help ensure that when you take delivery of your boat all of the bugs (if any) have been worked out.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Cleaning

Maintaining Your Watercraft

Boat Bling Universal Premium Detailing Products

We clean and detail A LOT of boats here at Family Marine.  As someone who has cleaned more than his share of boats here I can tell you from experience that using a great detailing product makes cleaning and maintaining your boats much easier project to accomplish.  Maintaining both the interior and exterior of your pontoon or boat will help you retain maximum value.

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"Boat Bling" Universal Premium Detailing Products
The rule of thumb a typical boat depreciates about 5% - 7% per year depending upon condition. So let's say that you have a boat that's worth $25,000, you could save yourself roughly $400 - $500 a year by keeping your vinyl clean with Boat Bling "Vinyl Sauce" and then applying spray on wipe off coat of Bloat Bling "Condition Sauce" vinyl conditioner and UV protection every 4 - 6 weeks.  WOW!  That sure does add up and it's such a simple thing to do.  

Often times when considering how a seller has treated their boat a buyer will first look at the vinyl and deduce by it's appearance that you either really took care of your boat, or that you did not properly maintain the appearance of your vinyl therefore you probably didn't care much for the boat over all.  Whether that is a correct assumption or not the buyer doesn't know.  All he knows is what he sees.

Properly maintaining the exterior appearance of your pontoon or boat is another important step in maintaining the lowest percentage of depreciation and holding the most value over all.  Hard water spots are not the end of the world, however when baked into the gel coat by the sun over the course of a summer or more become increasingly more difficult and costly to remove.  

Applying Boat Bling "Hot Sauce" is a quick and easy way to remove hard water spots and apply a small layer of protection without stripping away the wax you have applied to your boat in the off season.  Simply spraying on and wiping off the product while the boat is wet takes 5 - 10 minutes, and can save you thousands!  For maximum care we recommend  applying Boat Bling "Quickie Sauce" quick wax at the beginning and, end of your season to the fiberglass or painted boat surfaces.  

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Wet Sounds Marine Audio & LED Lighting

"Hearing is Believing"

Family Marine is expecting delivery of their Wet Sounds demo display.  This will will allow potential hi fidelity audiophiles the ability to hear the sounds emanating from various Wet Sounds speakers all in one location.  This display will allow our customers the opportunity to select which speakers they desire to have installed in their boat after hearing the speakers in person.  Many people go off of our recommendations, friends referring them or via the internet.  The ability to hear, will help reassure them that they are making the right choice by installing Wet Sounds.

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"Hearing is Believing"
Wet Sounds offers the highest quality in marine audio. We have a number of in stock boats equipped Wet Sounds marine audio systems with optional tower speakers not found on the display that can be demo'd as well. 

Display Configuration:
  1. Icon 8 (8" coaxial tower speakers, titanium dome tweeter, 300w peak 150w RMS)
  2. XS 650 (6.5" coaxial, titanium dome tweeter, 200w peak 100w RMS)
  3. 808 (8" convertible, coaxial speakers, titanium dome tweeter, 250w peak 125w RMS)
  4. XS 12 (12" Subwoofer, 1000w peak 500w RMS)
  5. WW-BT-VC (Bluetooth control, pair w/ WS-420, play, pause, track fwd, track back)
  6. WS-420SQ (3 zone equalizer/controller, PA system w/ microphone, control sub/cockpit/tower speakers independently)
  7. HT-2 (Hydrotech 2 Series Amp, Class D, Marine Grade, Saltwater Compliant, RMS Power @ 4 ohm Stereo 165w x 2, RMS Power @ 2 ohm Stereo 300w x 2, RMS Power @ 4 ohm Mono 575w x 1, RMS Power @ 2 ohm Mono N/A)
  8. HT-4 (Hydrotech 4 Series Amp, Class D, Marine Grade, Saltwater Compliant, RMS Power @ 4 ohm Stereo 110w x 4, RMS Power @ 2 ohm Stereo 150w x 2, RMS Power @ 4 ohm Mono 300w x 2, RMS Power @ 2 ohm Mono N/A)
  9. LED Speaker rings 
  10. XS POWER deep cycle battery

custom boat stereo, custom boat audio, marine stereo system, custom marine stereo installation, Wet Sounds MN
ARRIVING SOON! Wet Sounds Demo Display 
This is our 4th year as a Wet Sounds dealer and installation center.  We work with factory support when needed to configure each custom boat stereo system set up; in order to give our customers the best custom marine audio system that meets their needs.  An example of what we can do for you is, often we replace factory speakers in pontoons with a Wet Sound solution.  Two pairs of XS-650 6.5" speakers an amp and a sub woofer is a popular combination.  But we've gone as far as building a complete system from the ground up including tower speakers, 4 amps, and a triple battery system. One of the most popular customization's requested, is adding blue LED lighting to the exterior of a pontoon. We install the LED's to run under the deck above the tubes.  It gives the water a brilliant blue accent around the perimeter of the pontoon.  It's quite attractive on the water at night to see.

Contact us with questions, email Shaun shaun@familymarineboats.com directly, or stop in and check out the boats on the show floor.  Follow us on any one of our social media sites for updates and you'll know exactly when the display has arrived and is in place on the show floor.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Wet Sounds High Performance Marine & Off Road Audio

Two new releases announced today from Wet Sounds

Wet Sounds announced the details of two new products soon to hit the market this morning; as you've come to expect with all Wet Sounds products these two are nothing but first class all the way.  The WS-420 is a must have; now with Bluetooth integration it's even more so.

Contact us for more information on both items!  If you don't know the benefits of a WS-420 are, and you own a wakeboard/wakesurf boat w/ tower speakers I strongly encourage you to call and talk with Shaun. 

boat stereo system, boat audio, custom boat audio, wakeboard tower speakers

boat stereo system, boat audio, custom boat audio, wakeboard tower speakers

Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Coupons & Specials!

Preseason savings to help warm you up.

Taking advantage of these coupons is easy!

  1. Click the coupon
  2. Click the "RSVP by email" box
  3. Fill out the form including phone number
  4. Discount applied w/ your sales person or at check out by name.
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